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Toybox Studios
25 Portland Square

0117 989 2642


Test running Bose mini line array PA

Interesting sonic twist for Capsule and other projects

Trident Service

Console having some yearly TLC.

Arnolfini Interesting Sounds...

Stef will be talking on M-S microphone techniques

PJ Harvey & John Parish single out.

'Black Hearted Love' released on download.

Microphone Course 25th April 2009

Toybox studios hosts a one day course on microphone techniques.

Toybox bands at SXSW

Toybox bands at SXSW festival 2009

Toybox in this months Future Music

Studio featured in this January issue.

Toybox in Venue Magazine

Venue_article_2__thumb Review for Toybox Studios

Microphone Course 7 March 2009

Sound Cameras: Microphones and their use

Toybox Birthday Party

Celebrating 5 years in the box...