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Microphone Course 7 March 2009

Sound Cameras: Microphones and their use

This one-day course provides a structured exploration of the use of microphones via a set of recording techniques enabling us to hear the ways that microphones interact with the air.

We will home in on the nature of this interaction by giving you some focused and unusual tasks to complete, primarily using microphones and no other processing tools.

By the end of the day you will have a deeper understanding of the part that microphones play in recording.

The course is aimed at adults age 15 or over who want to learn about the use of microphones.

The price is £75 and is limited to 10 people. It includes refreshments, lunch, handouts, use of some exciting equipment and a CD of your completed work.

Bookings received by 28 February 2009 will be discounted to £60. We will also offer discount to students and people with low incomes.

For more information and a booking form please contact

Stef Hambrook at Toybox Studios on 0117 9892642
or email